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An Ironman Age Group Champion, Neil Withington completed her first Ironman event in 2010 at 60 years-of-age and has competed in more than a dozen Ironman events since that time. Diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer while in her 30s with two young children, Neil has overcome incredible obstacles and tackled each challenge she has set out to accomplish. A systems engineer and programmer, Neil started her own company to have flexibility to meet the needs of her young family. After completing aggressive treatment for her breast cancer at Brigham and Women's Hospital, where she also had her two children, she taught herself how to play tennis and became a competitive tennis player. Neil transitioned to triathlon training in her 50s. She has served as an exemplary role model for resilience and healthy choices for many people, including her family, friends, and coworkers. Neil's husband, Tucker, and daughters, Lia and Whitney, also embrace a healthy lifestyle with fitness and good nutrition, as well as participate in triathlons and other elite sporting competitions.