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3 Key Steps to Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

New Year's resolutions are the most anticipated promises of the year but also the most difficult to keep. What makes keeping these resolutions particularly tough? 

First of all, the beginning of the year can be stressful. While the pressure of the holidays may have lifted, new work-related stresses may be surfacing. The new calendar year often coincides with a new financial year for many businesses and this can lead to both added work and added stress- two things that can make keeping resolutions difficult.

Secondly, high expectations can be problematic. Its important not to set the bar too low, but it can also feel like you're not making progress on your goals if you're setting your sights too high. 

To ensure success with keeping a New Year's resolution, a few steps can be taken:

  1. Try setting a goal that's doable.  Validation plays a huge role in sustaining motivation. You're more likely to follow through on a task or goal if you're seeing results and makings strides with it. So making a goal for yourself that you can achieve makes it that much more likely you will achieve it. 
  2. Aim for an end time of 1 month rather than 1 year. Lack of accountability is the friend to procrastination. If you don't have to answer to yourself for a whole year, you're probably not going to bother to start the resolution until much later, setting yourself up for failure. Instead, set a resolution that lends itself to requiring completion within a month. 
  3. Make your resolution measurable. It's hard to achieve a goal if it's too abstract. Making your resolution more concrete will ensure you stay on task. For instance, instead of promising you'll take better care of your teeth this year, tell yourself that by the end of the month, you'll have flossed at least once a day, every week.

Whatever your resolution may be, keeping these tips in mind will hopefully help you achieve your goals in the New Year.