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Introducing Team Brigham Health: Four Women on the Ride of a Lifetime

Four tenacious and vibrant women are taking the ride of a lifetime and inviting you to join them on their journey.  This isn’t your typical bike ride, and these are not your average women.

On June 17, 2017, Trish Karter, Neil Withington, Susan Lynch and Margaret Thompson will compete in one of the most grueling and longest running ultra-endurance events in the world, the Race Across America (RAAM). Alternates Mary Hynes Johanson and Ann Marie Miller are standing by - a noble commitment requiring months of grueling prep. Their journey takes grit and perseverance, and we will follow them every mile of their journey. The team is racing across the country in a 24 /7 time trial ride, determined to set a RAAM world record in the 60+ age category and beat the previous world record held by the 50+ age category. 

These “Seriously 60” cyclists are riding in the 2017 race as Team Brigham Health to raise donations for the Brigham Women’s Health Fund, which is dedicated to supporting vital women’s health research in the Connors Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  Most of the team and crew have had very personal experiences at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, including the birth of children and grandchildren and treatment for serious diseases and injuries. 

Team Brigham Health is comprised of entrepreneurs, CEOs, coaches, a Team USA Olympic marathon qualifier and an Ironman Champion.  Between these four racers they have ten children and one grandchild.  From battling and beating breast cancer, to overcoming traumatic brain injuries, our riders are true testaments to human perseverance.  They continue to break stereotypes and inspire women of all ages to make healthy choices, follow their dreams and overcome any obstacle that may come across their path, no matter how daunting. 

The women of Team Brigham Health can’t wait to put pedal to pavement and show the world what 60 year old women can accomplish.  They’ll place their back tires in the surf of the Pacific, in Oceanside, CA on June 17th and their front tires in the Chesapeake Bay at the finish line in Annapolis, MD, just days later.  Their ride will span more than 3,000 miles, crossing 12 states and three major mountain ranges. 

The Brigham Health Hub is giving you the chance to learn about the cyclists’ personal and professional experiences that have helped shaped them into the women they are today. Articles written by and about our racers will be posted on the Brigham Health Hub over the next several months and will feature engaging content ranging from coping with a serious illness to injury recovery and training tips.  These women prove that taking on a challenge can spur one to do much more than ever thought possible. Follow and support these women as they embark on this amazing journey.

-Emily B.